PEFC Accreditation – all waste upcycled

All timber used by Cornwall Timber Build will be certified by the PEFC, which we are very proud to be a member of. The annual audit that is undertaken is stringent to say the least. We see this PEFC certification as a vital link in the supply chain of sustainable housing, and strive to retain certification on each and every annual audit.

Cornwall Timber Build purchase from a varied supply chain across Cornwall & Devon to construct and manufacture timber frames. We push to minimise our carbon footprint by utilizing local merchants, hauliers, crane companies and site labour which are geographically the closest to the project. Thus minimising our carbon footprint on the surrounding environment, and doing our bit to save the world.

Cornwall Timber Build run their production operation primarily powered by large solar panels installed upon the roofs of our largest unit, with surplus on the really sunny days going towards the office electricity.

A very large majority of waste material produced at Cornwall Timber Build is upcycled, being sent to a local processing plant which turns our off cuts of timber into fire pellets which is used as a source of heat for the NHS.

Even the excess sawdust collected by the extraction units is upcycled and supplied to the local community for animal bedding.